We are excited to share our products with you.  Our soaps are made from a very high quality double distilled coconut oil clear glycerin soap base that has an extremely high moisturizing formula, is 100% vegetable based, biodegradable, and most importantly, IT IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.




We do not have a two tier price structure of retail and wholesale prices.  There is one price only - same low price for everyone!


All of our products are individually wrapped ... and ... the soaps come with colored curly ribbons on each package....already gift wrapped!!  Great ideas for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Valentine's gifts, bridal showers, baby showers, and even for just because.




1.  ORGANIC LOOFA SLICE CLEAR GLYCERIN RUB & SCRUB SOAP......a 3" x 1" round bar of clear glycerin soap with a slice of soft home grown organic loofa sponge that goes right through the soap and protrudes on one end.  Rub with the flat side, scrub with the side the loofa protrudes.  Note:  the loofa may be inserted as shown below or laying sideways as shown in the photo gallery.  Average weight:  5.1 oz.          $5.50 each


r & s soap.jpg?1380642738346





2.  CLEAR GLYCERIN SCENTED SOAP......a 3" x 1" round bar of clear glycerin scented soap.  Average weight:  5.1 oz.          $4.00 each


scented soap.JPG?1380647367153




3.  ORGANIC LOOFA SLICE CLEAR GLYCERIN MINI RUB & SCRUB SOAP A mini heart with a slice of organic loofa sponge that goes right through the soap and protrudes on one end.  Rub with the flat side, scrub with the side the loofa protrudes.  Average weight:  1.95 oz.          $3.00 each


The mini Rub & Scrubs or mini scented soaps (without a slice of loofa) would make fantastic wedding favours

and bed & breakfast guest gift soaps


mini r & s.JPG?1385138489214


mini R& S.JPG?1388942201898




4.  LOOFA SPONGES...Organic....They are soft (not like the ones you get in the stores that are stiff, as hard as a rock, never soften up and feel like a pumice stone).  These loofa sponges make your skin feel soooooo good.  Prices vary from $6 to $14 per sponge.  The $14 sponge will be much bigger and be more fibrous.  Just let me know what price you would like.  If you would like a more vigorous scrub, a more fibrous sponge would be the way to go. 







5.  SOLID PERFUMES ... a small container of solid perfume that lasts a very long time.  Scents include:  Champaka, Dolce & Gabanna, Dragons Blood, Gardenia, Green Tea & Cucumber, Lavender, Neroli, Pink Sands, Plumeria, Sensual Amber and Wisteria.          $3.75 each







6.  FACIAL SCRUBS...in any scent you like.  Makes your face feel super clean.  Average weight of container is 90-100 grams.          $4.00 each


(Also comes with finely ground pumice stone added for an extra 50 cents)







7.  LOOFA SEEDS - HEIRLOOM - 30 seeds per package 




- $6.00 per packet if you order other products (as the packet will be enclosed in the parcel)  




- $7.75 per packet of seeds when ordering just seeds (this includes postage).....


If you order two packets of seeds, the second packet will be only $6.00 as postage is already paid for in the cost of the first packet of seeds.







8.  BATH FIZZIES....come in any scent you like.  Made with all natural products.  Great for a relaxing soak in the tub after a hard days work....and even a nice foot soak in a little tub.         $3.50 per bag of 3 fizzies.







9.  BATH BOMBS...a large sized egg made with all natural products ready for you to throw in the tub to have a nice relaxing soak after a long hard day or just because.          $5.00 each


other scents available by special order.....minimum of 2 of the same scent




10.  LOOFA SLICE EARRINGS just let me know which size you would be interested in!  $9.99 per pair. 


loofa earrings 1.JPG?1392685369581


loofa earrings 2.JPG?1392685390882


small, medium or large.....


loofa earrings 3.JPG?1392685420678



                    $10.00 per set.


set 1.JPG?1396059462522


set 2.JPG?1396059482727













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